3/11: Staying Aligned

  Staying Aligned   Aligned decision making ROCKS.   In business, I am always working on aligning to my top 3 goals and top 3 priorities, whether that's my annual, quarterly, weekly, or daily top 3.   I run my decisions to, and check them against, my 3 constantly.   This year I decided to … Continue reading 3/11: Staying Aligned

2/16/18: Keep Your Plan Visible!

2/16/18 Keep Your Plan Visible!   If you've done any Holistic Business Coaching work with me, you know that I am a big fan of props.   I teach color coded planning, intuitive vision boarding, brain dumping and Vision Based Business Planning done on great big sticky notes with lots of colors.   All of … Continue reading 2/16/18: Keep Your Plan Visible!