6/30: Pace Yourself.

  6/30 Pace Yourself.   All that stuff on your to-do lists?   It's not going anywhere.   Pace yourself.   Breathe.   In my morning practice today I was mulling over what all is on my plate.   We're on Module 3​ in the Vision Based Business Planning Course.   And we're heading into … Continue reading 6/30: Pace Yourself.

3/11: Staying Aligned

  Staying Aligned   Aligned decision making ROCKS.   In business, I am always working on aligning to my top 3 goals and top 3 priorities, whether that's my annual, quarterly, weekly, or daily top 3.   I run my decisions to, and check them against, my 3 constantly.   This year I decided to … Continue reading 3/11: Staying Aligned

3/9: Give Your Dreams Some TIME!

3/9 Give That Dream Some TIME!   Don't give up on your dreams too quickly.   Stop thinking that just because something didn't happen right away it won't.   Stop second guessing your heart, your spirit, your true wishes and heartfelt desires.   They aren't flawed.   And neither are you.   There's something called … Continue reading 3/9: Give Your Dreams Some TIME!