“Jump Start” Program

“Jump Start”


A quick and focused 1:1 holistic business coaching program to get you and your business moving forward!


Are you ready to get you and your business unstuck?    


Are you ready to shift the energy of your business?


Are you grappling with a business problem/issue you just can’t see your way through?       


Are you feeling uncertain, stuck, reactive rather than proactive?


Do you need some help?


Whether you are new to business coaching and looking to see if this might be just what you’ve been looking for, or you’re someone who’s done coaching and knows it will get you unstuck, re-motivated and back on track, I can help.


This quick “Jump Start” program will take you from stuck, tangled, spinning your wheels, or perhaps not sure about what to do next and unable to make that connection that will bring everything together the way you envision …


… to focused momentum, ahas, breakthroughs, shifts, realignment, and getting unstuck …


… by simply working together with me for the 2 weeks of this 1:1 holistic business coaching program.


Yes, you’ll get that much result that quickly!



As an intuitive and an energy untangler, I am able to see what’s got you blocked and what is out of alignment, energetically.


As a business person, I am able to help you identify what’s got you stuck, and give you the practical tools, skills, and direction and guidance to get you and your business going forward together again.


I’m all about getting you and your business untangled, realigned, and in flow, so that you can thrive.


Holistic Business Coaching is about the whole of you, and the whole of your business, coming into alignment.


The “Jump Start” is:

  • 2 one hour 1:1 video or phone holistic business coaching sessions with me PLUS
  • Unlimited email access (except on my days off!) for the full 2 weeks of the program PLUS
  • My focus on you and your business, the issue(s) you are grappling with, and my skills and experience untangling the energy of you and your business


This program is great because:

  • We get it done
  • It’s fast, focused, and results oriented
  • It will Jump Start you and your business into the direction you wish you were going
  • We’ll untangle the major challenge you are facing and get you (re)aligned, and (back) on track towards your success
  • And because you are worth it.


You have an important gift you are bringing out into the word through your business. Isn’t it time to get a Jump Start?


Let’s get you and your business in alignment with your dreams and your vision, and get you moving forward.


I look forward to Jumping with you soon!


Your Investment:  

 “Jump Start” Program Rate just  $247 USD**

**may be paid in 2 installments, 1st installment of $125 USD due before we begin


Ready to sign up? Have a question?


Just fill out this form for me, please. Be sure to mention Jump Start in the message, thank you!


Thank you!