I’m Stepping Out of the Box… and going Full Dina


Those of you who know me outside of my Holistic Business Coaching Practice (and those of you who’ve now done holistic biz coaching with me, haha) know that I am pretty “woo woo.”
I was trying to keep a lid on that for this new business. Yeah, done with that. You are going to get me as I am from now on!
Since I want to work with heart centered entrepreneurs and sole practitioners who want to make a difference in the world with their work and through their businesses, people like you and people like me, I’m thinking you aren’t going to have any problems with me bringing all of my tools and all of my 40+ years of business experience and 20+ years of energy healing & rebalancing into this new venture, no matter how far out of the box and out of the norm for business coaching they are.
Because hey – if it’s going to get you and your business clear and aligned, so that you can turn your dreams into reality, I’m betting whatever I have to offer you you’ll be a.o.k with, and eager to receive.
So, restart! Now you’re going to get the full Dina. Because you matter, and I want you to thrive. I’m just going to be the “woo” coach =)
And feel free to take my example here to heart. If it doesn’t feel right after you test it out, do something about that! It’s fine to shift and change as you learn and grow. Your customers will love you all the more for it, and you’ll provide better service, and better experiences for them when you realign.
Permission to Succeed?
You bet.

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