Holistic Business Coaching Level 2


Now that you’ve gotten clear on your Vision

Now that you understand, embrace and own your Superpower

Now that you’ve got a Schedule that works for you, and works for your business

Now that you’re taking your Sabbath…


Now that you know who your Ideal Client is

Now that you are learning how to talk to people using the What’s In It For Me

Now that you are using Call To Action in your messaging

And playing with Color Coding…


Now that your Revenue is rising

Your Client Base is engaged

Your Marketing is working

And you are in Flow…


Now that you’ve got a Plan

And you are Clear on your Top 1-3 Priorities for the Year

And for the Quarter

And for the Month

And for the Week…


Now that you are SOARING…


Let’s Keep It GOING!


Holistic Business Coaching Part 2 is a 12 week 6 call plus unlimited email support program designed to:


  1. Help you maintain this glorious momentum that’s already under way
  2. Continue your growth and shifting with focused and clear energetic and business support
  3. Hold you accountable so that you get done what you want to get done
  4. Offer support and intuitive and business insights when you are stuck or uncertain about what to do next, or what not to do at all
  5. Support, encourage, and cheer you on!


Why is this so great?


Because you now have all the tools and pieces of the puzzle that is the energy of YOU + YOUR VISION + YOUR SUPERPOWER + YOUR IDEAL CLIENT + YOUR PLAN = SUCCESS


And it’s all new.


New ways of thinking.

New ways of being.

New ways of speaking, in your marketing and to clients and potential clients.

New ways of working, and of working your business.

New ways of resting and taking care of you.


And when it’s all new like this, good support is critical to maintain the momentum and to hold the course.


The 6 Calls


Holistic Business Coaching Level 2 brings you 6 one hour one-on-one calls with me over 12 weeks.


One every other week, unless you decide you want them quicker than that (you already know I’m flexible).


I’ll be asking you about your business and your challenges and successes on each call.


We’ll discuss your progress and any roadblocks that may have arisen.


We’ll talk about about what’s going well, and cheer!


I’ll check in on your energy as we work together on the calls, looking for anything that feels heavy or “off”, disconnected from the energy of your plan, or not in flow.


We’ll work through issues and questions that may have arisen since the last call.


I’ll be untangling the energy for you and with you.


And we’ll take you and your business higher.


Permission to Succeed!


The Unlimited Email Support


With Holistic Business Coaching Level 2 you will have unlimited email access to me for the full 12 weeks.


You can ask me questions, pick my brain, show me your copy for feedback, ask for support.


Whatever you need, whatever you’re curious about, whatever you want to have me look at for you.


Anything goes!


I promise to get back to you as quickly as  can. That’s usually very quick, unless I am having my Sabbath or other down time.


Why Invest in Holistic Business Coaching Level 2 now?


To maintain the momentum you’ve built through Holistic Business Coaching Level 1.


To continue to receive intuitive and practical guidance, insight, training and support from a Holistic Business Coach you know and trust.


Because you and your business are worth investing in.


Because you, and the work you are doing in the world, matter.


You really do.



* payment plans are available.


Ready to get started?

Fill this out and we’ll connect. Thank you! Please be sure to put HBC 2 in the subject line, thanks.