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I will offer this again in September, 2018

with Dina Kennedy, Energy Healer & Holistic Business Coach

Are You Ready for a Clear Vision that Aligns the Energy of Your Business with the Energy of Your Dreams?

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Do you have a clear vision for your business?

Are you crystal clear about what you are moving towards and why?

Are you ready for the reality of your business to align with the energy of your dreams?

Are you ready to answer yes to these questions?

Then please join me for my FREE 8 Day Clarify Your Vision Challenge.

Over the 8 days of this Challenge, you'll move from vague, unclear, uncertain or muddy about your Vision...

to having a clear, energized and empowered Vision and actual Vision Statement...

simply by participating in the 7 days of exercises and the final Vision Energizing Guided Meditation on day 8!

Why is this so great?

Because having a Clear Vision for your business, a vision that's aligned with your dreams and your energy, propels you towards success.

A Clear Vision inspires you, and energizes you, and reminds you where you are going with your business and your dreams.

Your Vision Statement is something you'll come back to, over and over, when you want to remember why you are doing what you do, why you are in business, and how your dream makes the world a better place.

It helps you stay focused as you grow and shift over time.

And it's a major building block for success.

Over the 8 Days and their exercises (the "Daily Actions") you'll be exploring:

~ Your Why

~ What Lights You Up about your business

~ Your Moving Towards

~ Your Ideal Client

~ Problems and Issues your ideal client has that are solved by your business, service or product

~ What your business, service or product is moving your ideal client towards

~ Crafting Your Vision Statement

~ and, on Day 8, the Vision Energizing Guided Meditation.

How does the Challenge work?

I'll be opening a special Challengers Only facebook group just for this Challenge, where you'll find each day's video training about the day's topic, plus the Daily Action (the daily exercise for Vision Clarity), plus each day's Interaction Step.(taken after you complete your Daily Action).

Each day builds on the one before, and each day brings increasing clarity.

I'll be in the facebook group with you, answering questions, admiring your Daily Action and Interaction Steps work, and cheering you on and providing any needed support.

I'll also be sending the video training, Daily Action, and daily Interaction Steps out via email each morning for all 8 days of the Challenge.

You'll finish the Clarify Your Vision Challenge with a Clear Vision, and a Vision Statement for your business that is energized and aligned, and ready to move you towards success.

There are no prerequisites for the Challenge, and you don't have to be at all clear about your vision to join in -- this Challenge will get you there.

The Clarify Your Vision Challenge is a quick deep dive into Clarity and alignment, and I hope you'll join me!

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