Permission To Succeed?

Yes please!


I’m Dina Kennedy, Healer, Teacher, Intuitive, Holistic Business Coach.


Aligning the energy of YOU with the energy of your dreams,

your vision, and your business is what I do.


I am a Trusted Authority on Untangling Energy.


As an intuitive and an energy untangler, I am able to see what’s got you blocked and what is out of alignment, energetically,  and holding you back.


As a business person, I am able to give you the practical tools, skills, and direction and guidance to get you and your business going forward together.


I’m all about getting you and your business untangled, realigned, and in flow, so that you can thrive.


Holistic Business Coaching is about the whole of you, and the whole of your business, coming into alignment.


I work with heart centered entrepreneurs and sole practitioners who want to change the world for the better, and who are ready to move their business forward, to take it to the next step or the next level.


I work with people like you, who are ready to see their dreams become their reality.


People like you, who are ready to own and claim their power as they move towards their dream.


People like you, who want to make a difference in the world through their work.


Like I do.


Whether you are a small business owner or a sole practitioner, I’m here to help you get untangled, focused, clear, and back into your flow, your Light, your joy in your work, and your prosperity.


After all, isn’t that what you want from your business?


I sure do.


When you work with, me you’ll find hope, renewed passion & excitement, clarity, forward momentum, and alignment with soul purpose.


You’ll receive top notch support, needed business tools that will turn your vision into reality in a way that works for you, guidance with a woman with over 40 years of successful business experience, and more.


You’ll learn how to work less for much greater result.


You’ll get clear on your vision, and on how to turn it into your business reality.


You’ll start to make that difference you’re dreaming of making in the world, without losing YOU in the process.


Guess what? Business doesn’t have to be hard. It doesn’t require so much sacrifice. You can have a business AND a life.


I’ve been there. Total burnout. Teaching balance, and becoming completely unbalanced while doing it.


Reactive rather than proactive and creative.


Seriously out of alignment as I just kept doing too much for too many, and losing myself in the process.


It wasn’t good, and I crashed. It took me a few years to step back into my work, this time with much greater awareness of what could happen if I went out of balance again.


I took courses, I worked with coaches, I became diligent about self care and my morning practice and my time off.


And slowly, I came back to full engagement, but in a much more balanced, life enhancing, rather than life draining, way.


And now my vision, my dreams, my energy and my businesses are truly in alignment with who I am, who I want to be, how I want to walk in this world, my soul purpose, and my YES.


And my businesses support all of this, and all of me.


I’m getting what I want to get from my work and from my businesses. My work and my businesses encourage me, excite me, ignite my creativity, push me to grow, Light me up, and provide for me.


And allow me to maintain my balance and my joy as I thrive.


This is what I want for you and your business, too.


Bringing the energy of YOU, the energy of your dreams, and the energy of your business into alignment, creates flow, clarity, and momentum, opens the door to opportunity, brings greater joy, and much, much more.


I love this work, and I deliver.


If You…


If you’re spinning, unsure of what steps to take next…

If you’re working too hard for not enough return…

If it’s become impossible to have both a business and a life…

If you feel like your business isn’t supporting you…

If you’re tired, burned out, bored…

If you’re losing hope, and losing steam…

If you’re ready to change direction or to shift…

If you are doubting the validity of your dream or vision…

If you are just plain ready for some help and support that will get you going…

If you would rather thrive…

I can help.


People who chose to work with me have a vision or a dream.

They just don’t know how to get there from here.


Why Choose Me to be your Holistic Business Coach?


Because I have the depth of wisdom and the breadth of business knowledge to support you and to get you aligned with, and moving forward into your Vision.


With more than 40 years of business experience working in and managing start ups, small businesses, large businesses, restructurings, and direct marketing businesses, and as the former owner operator of a successful healing arts center and a current sole practitioner business, I’ve done it all.


And, I am a trusted authority in untangling energy.


I know what works, and what doesn’t. I can read the energy, and find the disconnects that are taking place between you, your dream and your business.


And I know how to find and untangle the energy that’s running interference in your business and sidelining your momentum.


I can read the energy of your vision, your soul, and your current business model, find where the misalignments are among these, and then help you fix that.


I provide you with both intuitive and totally practical guidance in both your phone sessions and in my email responses to you, to get you on track, clear, focused, and moving forward into success.


And I’ll help you work less and earn more – yep – I really will.


It’s worked for me, and it can work for you.


Why I Have Business Coaches…


I also know that having coaches I connect with, and who can see what I don’t see, has been invaluable in my personal growth and business success as an entrepreneur and business owner.


They’ve given me, and taught me to give myself, permission to succeed.


They’ve seen through my blinders and blind spots, encouraged me to grow and to believe in my right to ask for more and to be more, and helped me find my Light, joy and flow.


And now I am proud to offer the same to you, in my own holistic and energy based, yet also practical business based way.


Holistic Business Coaching take the WHOLE approach – the whole of you, the whole of your dreams, the whole of your business are all given equal weight in this process.


Getting Started…


If you’re ready to align the energy of YOU with the energy of your business and your vision, let’s connect!


Start your Permission To Succeed journey over on the Work With Dina page here on this website.


Or send me an email at dinakennedyinfo@gmail.com


I look forward to seeing you, and working together, soon.


by the way – this is a photo of me outside my summer office. 

I love my work! You will too.