6/7: Flow That No! How to use a NO to your benefit. Yes, really!


Flow That No! How to use a NO to your benefit. Yes, really!


Don’t take a “NO” personally.


Shift that energy!


A NO is actually a chance to gather some really good information, to become more aware of your clients and your marketing, and to assess and understand what’s actually going on within that NO.


Here’s a flow chart I drew up and that I love to use to regroup after someone says NO.


Following the flow chart will help you untangle the energy behind and within the No.


You’ll find that if you just use the No as an important piece of information about that client, and about your marketing, you’ll shift you from feeling hurt, rejected, maybe under valued, to a place of awareness and empowerment.


It makes it simply business related, instead of personal.


Because a No is really packed with potential and with information!


Here you go:

It’s pretty powerful, isn’t it?


Feel free to print this chart out, hang it up, and refer back to it as needed.


Things shift when you can see the gifts within the energy of whatever unfolds in your business.


Let me know what you think!


Permission to Succeed? You bet!


in peace,

Dina Kennedy

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