5/2: Permission Statement Affirmations


Permission Statement Affirmations


I’ve been exploring and working with something called permission statements over the last 8-9 months.


I think they are a wonderful way to soften old blocks and to rather effortlessly move into your preferred energy.


They make a great affirmation.


Here’s how to set one up.


Say you have issues around receiving. And that you’d like to be more open to receive. You permission statement affirmation might be: “I give myself permission to receive.”


Or maybe you would like to be in business for yourself, or to grow your business and take it to the next level, but you are worried that it might just be a dream and not reality. Your permission statement affirmation could be: “I give myself permission to succeed.”


Or perhaps you would like to improve a health condition or situation. For this one you could use: “I give myself permission to be healthy” as your permission statement affirmation.


See how it works?


Identify the block, the energetic constriction point you’ve got going on, then open the constriction by giving yourself permission to be otherwise.


Yep, it’s that easy, that simple. Why not try one for May?


One caveat: permission statement affirmations will only shift you if you repeat them a LOT! Don’t short change yourself. Write your permission statement out, and post it where you will see it and remember to say it daily, and repeatedly. I recommend a minimum of 25 repetitions per day.


What would you like to give yourself permission to be or do or have through your business?


Feel free to share your permission statement with me!


In peace,


Dina Kennedy
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