4/9: Power of 3 for this week



Your Power of 3 Goals for this Week


Do you have your Power of 3 Goals set for this week?


Here’s what to do:


First, take look at your top 3 goals for the year.

This re-energizes them and brings you back into focus and alignment.


Second, look at your top 3 goals for for this 2nd Quarter.

Again, this realigns you and re-energizes your goals and your intention. That energy creates movement!


Third, look at your top 3 goals for April., Yep, you guessed it.

This realigns you and reactivates your intention, your energy, and your forward momentum.


Fourth, decide what your top 3 ACTIONS are going to be for this week.

They should be moving you towards your April goals, your quarterly goals, your annual goals.


And finally, fifth — set up your 3 goals for each work day this week,

making sure they support and move you towards you 3 goals for the week..


Power up that Power of 3! Energy follows intention. Intention comes with clarity and focus. Clarity and focus allow for alignment. Alignment brings momentum.Keeping it to 3 creates laser focused alignment, intention, and energy!


Permission to Succeed?


You bet!


wishing you a great week,

Dina Kennedy
Success Coach & Trusted Authority for Untangling Energy

website: permission-to-succeed.dinakennedy.com
email: dinakennedyinfo@gmail.com
facebook: http://facebook.com/permission2succeed



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