4/16: Power of 3 For This Week – and more about its energy!

It’s Power of 3 Monday! Join me in this to energize your intention and your momentum, won’t you?


The power in this exercise is CLARITY and FOCUS. Energy follows intention, and when we get clear and focused we align the energy of our business with the power of the Universe.


Here’s what to do — what are your 3 Top Priorities for this week that will help you move your business forward? Simply write them out, then come share them over in http://facebook.com/permission2succeed in this week’s Power of 3 post and get that energy moving!


Then, each day you are working on your business this week, set up and take 3 action steps per day to move you towards your Power of 3.


If you have a Vision Statement or your top 3 priorities for 2018 handy, and your top 3 for this 2nd quarter handy, be sure this weeks Power of 3 priorities align with those as well.


You can still do this with me even if you don’t have those, so don’t chicken out 😉


Permission to Succeed?


You bet!


Here’s to a great week,


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