3/25: Talkin’ About The Filters



Talkin’ About The Filters


This week I had to stop, and take a look at the filters through which I was viewing a situation that was stressing me out.


And when I did this, I was able to shift my perception, which in turn let me shift how I was dealing with, and seeing, the whole thing.


You see, we are always viewing the world through our filters.


It’s what we do as humans.


We look out at the world through our stack of filters, which is one of the reasons why 2 people can look at the same thing and see something different.


And we also receive information from the world outside of us by taking input in through those same filters. Which is one reason why 2 people can interpret the same information coming at them so differently.


Our filters filter in both directions. You could think of them as pieces of Plexiglas, or overhead projector transparencies, stacked one on top of the next.


We form filters our whole lives, from the time we are tiny babies forward.


Our filters are our personal, familial, and tribal beliefs, our experiences and the results we got when experiencing them, our emotions, our pain, our success, our luck, our happiness, etc.


Everything creates a filter.


This is true in our businesses, and in our lives.


I think one reason affirmations can shift our lives so powerfully is because they are a filter we are putting in place very deliberately, and they change our worldview, our energy, our experiences.


As that happens, we bring in more energy that matches what we want to view, and do view, thru the filters.


And as we work with our affirmations consistently and repeatedly, we start filtering out what doesn’t match, and filtering in only things that do match our new energy and world view.


Filters I help my Holistic Business Coaching clients remove are limiting beliefs such as I can’t make money at this, I have to work so hard, I don’t have time to take time off, no one is signing up, the upline says this is the way we do things, etc.


Filters I help my HBC clients put on are beliefs such as Oh I can do this!, time off serves me well and is important, my ideal clients find me,  getting clear on priorities attracts the energy to make them reality, and more.


Again, you can think of them like slide transparencies, layered one on top of another.


I had to sit for quite a while looking for the filters through which I was not cleanly seeing the issue I was working on.


I found 3 (and I am sure there are others, but 3 was a magnificent start).


One was the “oh this person is just like that person, therefor she’ll do the same shit he does…” expectation filter.


One was the “she’s never done this before so I can’t count on her to do this now…” filter.


And the third was a “well last time this happened and I was caught unprepared so I’d better be prepared for the same thing to happen again…” filter.


All 3 are false and limiting beliefs. All 3 are strong filters that don’t serve me, or the situation, or the other person well at all. But all 3 were running the show for me, and running my actions, reactions, and thoughts.


And I had no idea this was happening, until I got the idea to look into this.


Once I found them and was able to start the work of pulling them out of my head and out of my energy, I got tremendous insight and awareness into what might actually be going on, or at least as actually as I now see it minus those 3 filters.


Major shift.


And I’ll leave it there for now. More to come. Good food for thought, yes?


in peace,

Dina Kennedy
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