2/26 Happy Monday, aka Admin Day in my business =)

Happy Monday!


I love Mondays! Monday is my admin day, the day where I focus on all of the little things (and some big things) that need to get done to keep my business aiming in the direction I want.


I always take Monday to do follow up emails with clients, students, prospects, and inquiries.


It’s when I take stock of the bigger projects I’m working on.


It’s when I decide if there’s a specific marketing effort I need to focus on for the week.


It’s when I plan out my “3 a day” for the next 7 days, being sure that they align with my Vision for the Year, and my quarterly and monthly priorities and action steps.


And I always put my days off right on the schedule.


I write, I create graphics, I catch up on all those little important things that get lost or postponed so easily.


Ever since I started dedicating Monday for these, I am able to just set them aside as they come up during the week, knowing there’s a space and time for them.


Knowing they’ll get done.




Monday is, for me, actually Day #4 of my work week. I’m in the flow of the work on Monday, which really helps with the admin time, at least for me.


When is your dedicated admin time?


Do you have one?


Leave me a comment and tell me about it, or use the comment space to set your intention for going forward.


And please share this with any other heart centered, world shifting sole practitioner or business owner you know. I really want to open this conversation up!



in peace,

Dina Kennedy

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